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The Predator Movie Review full hd Download

By mistake of a young boy, the most dangerous hunter of the universe has returned to the earth and now the history of humanity is in the hands of some soldiers and a scientist. Arnold Schwarzenegger's film 'Predator', which came out in 1987, may have been rejected by the critics, but the audience was taken aback by a superhuman eater hunter and today the film enjoys cult status in American cinema.

Now after 8 years, the Predator film series has returned, Shane Black, who directed 'Iron Man 3', is making this film. Shane Black acted in the first Predator film in 1987 and now he is directing the film. This time the main character of the story is the Predator but now he understands the ways of humans. He is already stronger and faster than before.

In the film, the Predator returns from a space accident. A predator's plane falls on the earth and a soldier shoots the creature that came out of this plane. As a memorial to this battle with the alien, he takes off the armour of the Predator and activates this armour by mistake, then returns to the most dangerous predator of the universe.

Although Predator films have been violent in 2018 this violence has been increased manifold. Cutting body, peeling face, in this film, you get to see gruesome juice. Acting is the strongest side of this film and the graphics work is better than all the earlier films. The film will keep you hooked and if you are a fan of Predator films then this film will not disappoint you.

Shane Black's film has many entertainment spices whether it is action, comedy or Sci-Fi drama. The film seems long but it is the best film of this franchise and you miss Arnold Schwarzenegger.

 The Predator Movie Download

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